Sunsation is proud to carry Devoted Creations as our signature product line. With 17 diverse product lines to choose

from Devoted Creations provides the very finest in aloe based tanning products. We are professionally trained by the

best in the business and our clients deserve the choice of a higher quality moisturizing based product then the standard water based lotions most commonly found in our industry. Using a Devoted Creations product containing only the

freshest skin care ingredients available, you can achieve faster color results that last longer saving you time and money.

Whatever your tanning needs, we have a Devoted Creation product for you!


Store bought lotions contain mineral oil which block UV rays from entering your skin for up to 48 hours after application and alcohol which works against the tanning process striping you bronzing results. Ask today about our tan extending products. Tan extenders help prevent color fading and prolong the life of your tan!


Devoted Creations provides the very finest tan enhancers with the most advanced skin care products that help you achieve your optimal results. you can start tanning within the first 30-60 seconds after application, but without lotion enhancers it takes up to 7-10 minutes for your skin to start its tanning prosses. Get the most out of your tan by trying out these products today!


When it comes to your face you deserve nothing but the best! Devoted Creations skin perfecting facial tanning formulas will help to create longer lasting, color correcting results!

  • promote skin firmness

  • fine line and wrinkle reducers

  • shrink pore size

  • combat the signs of aging

  •  improve skin elasticity

  • fight breakouts

  • even out skin tones 

  • lock in moisture

  • boost the appearance of collage

  • Lightweight and Non Comedogenic - will not clog pores

  • Fragrance free for sensitive skin


30% OFF

New clients only. Mention this offer in person at any of our 6 locations before you select your lotion. One time offer per client.